WhatWhat we do

Making a difference in the future of kids by combining “Education, IT and Entertainment”!

Since 2011, we have been providing an educational IT program called, “Life is Tech !.” It’s the largest of its kind in Japan with about 13,000 participants comprising of middle and high school students. The program allows students to acquire IT skills to “imagine” and “create” by learning the most advanced programming skills across various platforms like iPhone app, web, and videogame development. Within these fields, they can concentrate on techniques in digital arts like designing, music and animation. With our unique program that incorporates “entertainment,” not only do the students learn about IT skills, but they also realize the possibilities of programming and its applications. Also, our classes allow students to forge friendships with other students. In these ways, we play a big role in shaping the kid’s future.

WhyWhy we do it

With over 200,000 students in just Japan,
we’re shaping possibilities with programming!

「In Japan, there is currently about the same amount of students who like baseball and soccer as there are those who like PC and IT. In baseball, there are little league ⇒ high school ⇒ professional, which serve as the platforms for the students to develop their skills, be discovered and shine brightly. We wanted to create the same type of environment for students who like IT, and that’s how “Life is Tech !” got started. Our target goal of 200,000 students comes from the fact that there are approximately 170,000 high school students who aspire to be national champions. With these 200,000 middle and high school students competing against and learning from each other, we believe that rising stars in programming will surface and from that, a world-class programmer will emerge. Programming skills will be an essential tool that would certainly be required in the coming years. We’re determined to develop an environment where kids can develop their skills, be discovered and shine brightly!

HowHow we do it

Supporting them every step of the way!

To introduce students to programming, we organize camps at universities all across Japan all-year around during school breaks. For students who want to continue building on their skills and knowledge, we also offer weekly classes in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. Finally, we provide continuing support when students complete the programs and are ready to take the next step whether it’s pursuing further studies, finding a job in the field, or venturing into their own projects. By preparing these stages of education and providing personal support along the way, we believe that we can make a difference in their future. Our goal is to create an environment that will nurture their potential. And helping us realize this mission are our 500 college student staff who have the technical and communication skills to teach the students.

ライフイズテック モデル

New Service

With Yoshihisa Hashimoto,
the former CTO of Square Enix joining our team,
we are embarking on an “Online Programming Learning Service”!

Through the camps and classes, we have established a firm knowledge and skill as well as track record of real on-site IT education that rivals no other. While continuing to improve on the service development of the real on-site education, we also look to provide more opportunities for the same high-quality IT education to all middle and high school students. To realize this, we’re using games as the segue to expand on our highly entertaining “Online-type Programming Learning Services.” With Yoshihisa Hashimoto, the former CTO of Square Enix joining as the leader of our development team, we aim to develop an innovative service that combines gaming and education.

HistoryOur Journey

Setout to “change the way of education,”
we established our company on July 6, 2010, and subsequently organized our first summer camp a year later in the summer of 2011.
That summer, we were able to enlist 40 junior high and high school participants.
Looking back, it wasn’t that many, but at the time it was a number that we could be proud of.
Only focusing on the students in front of us, we constantly asked ourselves how we can provide them with the best education that can expand their possibilities.
And through many trials and errors over the past 5 years, our company, “Life is Tech !” has gradually grown to now having about 3,000 junior high and high school participants in one summer alone.

Google Rise Awards 2014
Winner of Google RISE Awards 2014

While receiving high praise from many in the field, in 2014 we won the Google RISE Awards, a prestigious award that is given out by Google to ICT education organizations around the globe. Such feat is the first for the East Asia region.
2015, we endeavored on an overseas expansion and organized a camp at the National University of Singapore (NUS). This camp was attended by 30 local university staff as well as 200 middle and high school participants.
We’re currently preparing for the camp that is to be held at the University of Melbourne in Australia.

Singapore Camp 2015

accelerate the development of our online service, overseas expansion and operation, we secured a total of 310 million yen in financing from companies like Recruit, KCJ GROUP (KidZania), DeNA, JAFCO, East Ventures and Mistletoe on July 31, 2014.

Following are some of the examples:
・Established a joint venture with CyberAgent called, "CA Tech Kids" , which provides programming education to elementary school students
・Organized a hackathon for junior high and high school students in cooperation with Google and the city of Nagareyama called, "Hack 4 Good Teens" , which revolves around the theme of “challenges faced by cities”
・Organized a game developing camp with SQUARE ENIX called, "SQUARE ENIX GAME CAMP"
・Launched an entrepreneurship education program with KidZania called, "Be Startup"
・Setup a new hiring system with our sponsors called, “IT Draft Meeting”
・Organized an app contest for junior high and high school students with D2C called, “App Koushien”
・In partnership with Yoshimoto Creative Agency, we hold “YOSHIMOTO TECHDAY”
・Providing teaching support programs for information science teachers with Recruit (Juken sapri) called, “Tech for Teachers”

We’ll continue to take on new challenges to help make a difference in the lives of the kids.

310 million yen in financing

ServiceList of services

About “Life is Tech!” services

  • ITプログラミング キャンプ

    Intensive camps for middle and high school students. Introduces the applications and possibilities of IT.

  • ITプログラミング スクール

    School-type programs for middle and high school students. Focuses on understanding the basics of programming.

  • Code Girls

    IT workshop for female middle and high school students. Provides support for female engineers.

  • Tech for Teachers

    Free teaching support program for schoolteachers to make their own computer science classes fun and unique.

  • Life is Tech ! Leaders

    Training program for college staff who want to teach middle and high school students. Made possible with the help of companies that represent the IT industry.

  • Be Startup

    Entrepreneur-development program for middle and high school students.
    Co-hosted by KCJ Group

  • アプリ甲子園

    App-making contest for middle and high school students. As the next stage for middle and high school students who’ve learned programming, we provide opportunities for showcasing their talent.

  • Life is Tech ! Singapore

    Providing IT camps for kids overseas focusing on Singapore.

MessageMessage from the CEO

Creating a society that maximizes the possibilities of each child

With this belief close to our hearts, we launched “Life is Tech !”
Our journey all began when I was a high school teacher and a student of mine came up to me and said, “I want to present my game at a school festival.” Unfortunately, at that time, I didn’t even have the courage to tell that student there isn’t a curriculum nor an environment to teach it in Japan. This made me realize that something had to be done to nurture the talents of such students. For middle and high school students who live in this modern world, digital technology is almost like second nature to them and they can quickly comprehend new tools and technology. Possessing such keen sense, they can demonstrate growth that surpasses our wildest expectation from the slightest trigger. Since it would be a shame if we leave these young talents that can maybe shape the future of the world undiscovered, we’re creating an environment and educational system to nurture their creativity and technique. While they learn the fundamentals of digital technology like programming and designing, we also want to bring out their individuality, nurture their creativity and have them enjoy the joy of materializing their ideas. Along the way, They’ll also develop as programmers and individuals as they bond with those who share the same interests and learn from each other. We believe that their experience at “Life is Tech !” will not only pay dividends for their future, but also for the future of the world.

Profile: Yusuke Mizuno
Born in 1982. Received his B.S. and M.S. in Applied Physics and Physio-Informatics from Keio University. Taught physics for 2 years as an adjunct instructor at Kaisei High School during his Master’s program. Founded “Life is Tech !” in 2010 after his employment at Y-CUBE Corporation. In 2014, the company won the “Google RISE Awards,” which is given to an organization that contributes to the spread of computer science and ICT education. Such feat is the first for the East Asia region and the company is currently attracting global attention. We work relentlessly every day with the goal of introducing world-class talents into the Japanese IT industry.

TeamTeam member introduction

A team of specialists who make “Life is Tech !” possible

One of our most treasured assets is our team members. With motley of unique backgrounds and specialties, we all contribute to connect “Kids” with “Education.” We take on challenges every day as we strive for one common goal, which is to create a new kind of education.

CompanyCompany overview

Company name
Life is Tech, Inc.
Phone number
+81-3-6869-7557 (Main)
FAX number
Contact information
Tokyo Office
〒106-0047 Tokyo-to Minato-ku Minami Azabu 2-12-3 Minami Azabu Building 1F
Osaka Office
〒530-0002 Osaka-fu Osaka-shi Kita-ku Sonezaki Shinchi 2-6-11 A&S Building 4F
Phone number:06-4256-6202 (Main)
FAX number:06-4256-6248
July 6, 2010
1.6845 million yen
CEO Yusuke Mizuno
COO Yuta Komori
Directors Yasutomo Sanui
Directors Shimpei Matsui
CTO Yoshihisa Hashimoto
Number of employees
24 employees
Business operations
  • Planning and management of Programming・IT education camp/school, “Life is Tech !”
  • Planning and management of a program for females, ”Code Girls”
  • Planning and management of a service for schoolteachers, “Tech for Teachers”
  • Planning and management of an entrepreneurship education program, “Be Startup”
  • Workshop/event planning and management
  • Recruiting agency (Fee-charging employment agency License number 13-ユ-307274 )
  • Travel agency
Financing banks
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Akasaka Branch/Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Shibuya Branch
Main Clients
General public, KDDI Corporation, CyberAgent, Inc., Adobe Systems Incorporated, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd., Google Inc., Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd., Dwango Co., Ltd., COOKPAD Inc., SoftBank Group Corp., DeNA Co., Ltd., Yahoo! JAPAN Corporation, D2C Inc., Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd., Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd., KCJ GROUP INC., Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd., mixi, Inc., DWANGO Co., Ltd., COLOPL, Inc., etc.